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ANNOUNCE: is being released in the directory

DESCRIPTION: is a complete verilog HDL language parser.

          $handle = Verilog::GetInfo->new(\@command_line)';

Above command will return a handle to the new verilog design database.
@command_line is the verilog command line options understood by
Most of the standard (IEEE 1364) command line options are supported.

Some of the options which are supported are:
-v, -y, + ( plusargs ), +define+, -l etc.

GetInfo understands most of the in-the-file options of Verilog HDL
`include "filename.v"
`define macro value
`define macro

Some of the functions which return information about the design are:

Get_Inputs( module_name ) - Returns list of input ports of the module.
      It will return an array, with all the inputs along with their bus


Get_Outputs( module_name ) - Returns list of output ports of the
      An array with all the output ports listed along with their bus

Get_Ports( module_name ) - Returns list of ports of a module.

Get_Regs( module_name ) - Returns list of registers defined in a

Get_Wires( module_name) - Returns list of wires defined in a module.

Get_Inouts( module_name) - Returns list of inout ports in a module.

Get_Toplevel() - Returns list of module names, which are not
      inside any other modules.

Hierarchy( module_name ) - The module_name can be any module in the
      Returns a reference to a hash containing the hierarchy
information of the
      module. It will report all the sub-modules below the module
provided as the
      input to the function.

Print_Hierarchy( module_name ) - This function calls the function
      and prints the hierarchy in the nice human readable form.

Get_Define() - If an input is given to this function it will check,
      it is defined. If it is defined, it will check whether its a
macro definition
      and return the value of the macro.
      If no input is given, it will return all the defines that have
been defined
      in the design, with their values.

Get_Files() - This function returns all the design files read into the

Get_Module_Count() - This function returns the total number of modules
      in the design.

Get_Modules() - This functions lists all the modules in the design.

Get_Full_Design() - This function returns a full flat netlist in an
      array. Note: The array will be huge.

Get_Module_Contents() - This function returns the contents ( without
comments )
      of a module provided as an input to this function.

Message(), Warning(), Echo(), Error() - Display functions. Will display
      of information when parsing the design files.

No known bugs. Report all bugs to the author.

Rohit Mishra ( rohit[at] )

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