ANNOUNCE: User::Utmp 1.8

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I've just uploaded version 1.8 of the User::Utmp Perl module to CPAN.

It is immediately available from


It should soon be available from CPAN at


This module provides a Perl interface to utmpx- and utmp-style
databases on UNIX systems, the most important being "the utmpx file"
(typically found at /var/run/utmpx, /etc/utmpx or a similar location),
which provides information about users currently logged in.  There is
also support for writing records to utmpx and utmp files.  For further
details see the POD documentation embedded in the file, which
will also be installed as User::Utmp(3) manpage, and the

The last release of User::Utmp was in 2001 (version 1.6), so it was
definitely time for an update.  Changes in version 1.8:

- For compatibility with utmp, the utmpx read functions
  generate a ut_time field; it can also be specified in the
  argument to pututxline()

- Added support for NetBSD (hints file and various #ifdefs)

- Added Perl interfaces for all functions defined in the
  Single UNIX Specification Version 3 (namely: endutxent(),
  getutxent(), getutxid(), getutxline(), pututxline(), and

- Extended documentation; it now also says that utmpx is

- Enhanced

After making the release I noticed that I forgot to include some
contributions made by users; they'll be included in the next version.

Public key at <

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