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  Id: 1019 2008-06-01 12:34:41Z k

               User: HMBRAND (H.Merijn Brand)
  Distribution file: Text-CSV_XS-0.46.tgz
    Number of files: 34
         *.pm files: 1
             README: Text-CSV_XS-0.46/README
           META.yml: Text-CSV_XS-0.46/META.yml
  Timestamp of file: Wed Jun  4 15:05:06 2008 UTC
   Time of this run: Wed Jun  4 15:06:35 2008 UTC

        * In examples add die on failed close calls
        * Use Test::MinimumVersion (not distributed)
        * Added option -F to examples/csv2xls
        * More source code cleanup
        * Nailed the UTF-8 issues for parsing
        * Nailed the UTF-8 issues for combining

        * Forgot to pack examples/

        * Fixed the error position returned as third arg in error_diag ()
        * Made examples/csv-check use this even more vebose
        * Removed double-double quote from TODO
        * Added examples/ (attempt to fix bad CSV)

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