ANNOUNCE: Text::CSV_XS 0.68 escaped my disk

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Tested with various versions of perl (5.005_04 through 5.10.1) on several  OS's

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/H/HM/HMBRAND/Text-CSV_XS-0.68.tar.gz
  size: 103575 bytes
   md5: be6b24649b7830791fa5d069d8b3881c

    * Attribute auto_diag now localizes to +1 if autodie is active
    * Output name generation in csv2xls (RT#48954)
    * Added csvdiff to examples/
    * Reordered docs. Rewrote SYNOPSIS to be more like a real-world
      code example

    * Fix empty_diag typo for attribute handler
    * Fix AUTOMATED_TESTING erroneous skip

    * Reordered examples in doc to show best method first
    * Documentation grammatical fix (John P. Linderman, RT#46411)
    * Fail if first arg to new () is not a hash ref
    * Implement empty_is_undef on request of Evan Carroll
    * Typo in documentation (Herwin Weststrate, RT#47613)
    * error_diag () uses warn () in void context instead of STDERR
    * Add auto_diag attribute (still under construction)
    * FIX: reset attributes (after they have been set) with accessor

    * Initial known errors can now be checked on number (1002)
    * More tests for illegal combinations
    * Added -u option to examples/csv-check to validate utf-8 encoding
    * Correct documentation for error_diag () return value in case of
      constructor failure (Slaven, RT#46076)
    * All error_diag () returns should now be dual-var (both numeric
      and string context valid)
    * Remove (3) from L<..> links (Slaven, RT#46078)

    * Skip perlio tests for perl older than 5.8, as perlio
      was experimental in 5.6
    * Up Devel::PPPort to 3.17
    * Fix initialization of eol => undef (could cause core dump)
    * Added configure_require to META.yml

H.Merijn Brand Perl Monger /
using & porting perl 5.6.2, 5.8.x, 5.10.x, 5.11.x on HP-UX 10.20, 11.00,
11.11, 11.23, and 11.31, OpenSuSE 10.3, 11.0, and 11.1, AIX 5.2 and 5.3. / /

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