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  file: $CPAN/authors/id/H/HM/HMBRAND/Text-CSV_XS-0.41.tgz
  size: 85570 bytes
   md5: f704fb8ad057a36e7cc0fb892c0f940a

        * error_diag () subclassable
        * typo in bind_columns () docs
        * examples/csv2xls now uses getline ()
        * better test for getline in t/75_hashref.t (makamata)
        * document return value of getline () with bind_columns ()
        * add perl version prereq to META.yml

        * Implemented getline_hr () and column_names () RT 34474
          (suggestions accepted from Mark Stosberg)
        * Corrected misspelled variable names in XS
        * Functions are now =head2 type doc entries (Mark Stosberg)
        * Make SetDiag() available to the perl level, so errors can
          be centralized and consistent
        * Integrate the non-XS errors into XS
        * Add t/75_hashref.t
        * Testcase for error 2023 (Michael P Randall)
        * Completely refactored the XS part of parse/getline, which
          is now up to 6% faster. YMMV
        * Completed bind_columns. On straight fetches now up to three
          times as fast as normal fetches (both using getline ())

        * Copied GIT repo to public mirror
        * Fix leak / make meta info available to getline () + tests

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