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  Id: mldistwatch 925 2007-09-16 15:41:11Z k

               User: HMBRAND (H.Merijn Brand)
  Distribution file: Text-CSV_XS-0.32.tgz
    Number of files: 28
         *.pm files: 1
             README: Text-CSV_XS-0.32/README
           META.yml: Text-CSV_XS-0.32/META.yml
  Timestamp of file: Wed Oct 24 11:26:57 2007 UTC
   Time of this run: Wed Oct 24 11:28:25 2007 UTC

        * Added $csv->error_diag () to SYNOPSIS
        * Added need for diag when new () fails to TODO
        * Fixed a sneaked-in defined or in examples/csv2xls
        * Plugged a 32byte memory leak in the cache code (valgrind++)
        * Some perlcritic level1 changes

        * Removed prototypes in examples/csv2xls
        * Improved usage for examples/csv2xls (GetOpt::Long now does
        * Extended examples/csv2xls to deal with Unicode (-u)
        * Serious bug in Text::CSV_XS::NV () type setting, causing the
          resulting field to be truncated to IV

        * ,\rx, is definitely an error without binary (used to HANG!)
        * Fixed bug in attribute caching for undefined eol
        * Cleaned up some code after -W*** warnings
        * Added verbatim.
        * More test to cover the really dark corners and edge cases
        * Even more typo fixes in the docs
        * Added error_diag ()
        * Added t/80_diag.t - Will not be mirrored by Text::CSV_PP
        * Added DIAGNOSTICS section to pod - Will grow
        * Small pod niot (abeltje)
        * Doc fix in TODO (Miller Hall)

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