ANNOUNCE: Test::MockDBI v0.61

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Test-MockDBI v0.61 is wending its way through CPAN as you read this.
Test-MockDBI enables testing of DBI code by letting you set up rules
for how the DBI behaves, without having to touch a database.
Test-MockDBI mocks up the DBI interface behind your code's back, so
your code does not need to know anything about the use of Test-MockDBI.

The big changes are:
* Added support for DBI methods bind_columns(), do(), and rows().
* List-returning fetch*() functions now return the empty list when
* DBI::fetchrow() was corrected to return an array.

All changes are:

0.61  Thu Feb  3 09:28:49 EST 2005
    - Fixed version number in README.
    - Fixed copyright dates in README.
    - Moved test DBD setup to samples/
      from samples/

0.60  Thu Jan 27 17:18:47 EST 2005
    - Added DBI::do() and DBI::rows().
    - DBI::bind_columns() now works, rather than only
      pretending to work.
    - DBI::fetchrow() was corrected to return an array.
      This function is so old, it is no longer documented
      in the main DBI docs.
    - The list-returning DBI fetch*() functions now
      return an empty list when set_retval_array() gives
      them an empty list or no list.
    - A list consisting of 1 undef element is now
      returned as such by the list-returning DBI
      fetch*() methods.
    - README now talks a little about the testing
      configuration file, DBI.cfg.
    - NOTE: The Perl Cookbook, 2nd Edition, recipe 10.10
      has a good explanation of list/array return values :).
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