[ANNOUNCE] Test::Float -- compare numbers to specified precision

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    Test::Float - Compare if two numbers are equal within a specified

      # Default precision
      use Test::Float;
      cmp_float( 1e-5, 2e-5, 'values within 1e-6'); # not ok
      # Specific precision
      use Test::Float within => 1e-5;
      cmp_float( 1e-5, 2e-5, 'values within 1e-5'); # ok

    Most programmers at one time or another are confronted with the issue of
    comparing floating-point numbers for equality. The canonical idiom is to
    test if the absolute value of the difference of the numbers is within a
    desired precision. This module provides such a function for use with
    Test::Harness. Usage is similar to other test functions described in
    Test::More. Semantically, the "cmp_float" function replaces this kind of

     ok ( abs($p - $q) <= $precision, '$p is equal to $q' ) or
         diag "$p is not equal to $q to within $precision";

    While there's nothing wrong with that construct, it's a pain to type it
    repeatedly in a test script. This module does the same thing with a
    single function call.

    By default, "use Test::Float" will compare equality with a precision of
    1e-6. (An arbitrary choice on my part.) To specific a different
    precision, provide a "within" parameter when importing the module with

     use Test::Float within => 1e-9;

     cmp_float( $p, $q, '$p and $q are equal' );

    This test compares equality within the precision specified during import
    (or the default of 1e-6). The test is true if the absolute value of the
    difference between $p and $q is less than or equal to the precision. If
    the test is true, it prints an "OK" statement for use in testing. If the
    test is not true, this function prints a failure report and diagnostic.

    Please report bugs using the CPAN Request Tracker at

     David A. Golden (DAGOLDEN)
     http://dagolden.com /

    Copyright (c) 2004 by David A. Golden

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.

    The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included
    with this module.

    Test::More, Test::Harness, Test::Builder

Re: [ANNOUNCE] Test::Float -- compare numbers to specified precision

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