ANNOUNCE: Teradata::SQL v0.01

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Teradata::SQL is a Perl interface to Teradata SQL. It does not attempt to be
a complete interface to Teradata -- for instance, it does not allow
asynchronous requests or PM/API sessions -- but it should be sufficient for
many applications. The syntax is similar to that of DBI, but this is not a
DBI module. Both BTET and ANSI sessions are supported.


   $dbh = Teradata::SQL::connect("dbc/bogart,bacall");
   $sth = $dbh->open("select * from edw.sales");
   while ( @row = $sth->fetchrow_list ) {
      ... process the row ...


This module requires:

   Perl version 5.6.0 or later
   a C compiler
   CLIv2 (Note: no preprocessor is required)

At present, the module has been tested only on Solaris and MP-RAS. Those who
are able to test it on earlier versions of Perl or other platforms are
invited to collaborate.

I shall probably withdraw Teradata::BTET eventually.

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