[ANNOUNCE] SQL::Preproc 0.10, an SQL preprocessor for Perl

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I'm pleased to announce the first release of SQL::Preproc,
an embeded SQL preprocessor for Perl.

It should be available on CPAN soon, but is also available
at http://www.presicient.com/sqlpp

In support of SQL::Preproc's test suite, I've also CPAN'd
bug fix releases of DBD::Chart (0.81) and DBIx::Chart (0.02).
(Also available at http://www.presicient.com/dbdchart and
http://www.presicient.com/dbixchart , respectively)

This release of SQL::Preproc has been tested on

- WinXP w/ AS Perl 5.8.3 and DBI 1.42, using both DBD::CSV and

- Linux (Fedora Core 2) w/ AS Perl 5.8.6 and DBI 1.46, using just DBD::CSV.

Note that this release has not yet been tested to support
updatable cursors, or stored procedure calls, though test suites
are provided for them. I hope to address those in a month or
so after I get other projects off my plate.

This release should be considered alpha level, but I'd appreciate
any feedback wrt features or testing, esp for other database
systems/DBI drivers.

Comments/suggestions/patches/bug reports welcome.

Dean Arnold
Presicient Corp.

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