ANNOUNCE - Perl module Google::Adwords v0.4

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Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce the release of v0.4 of Google::Adwords
Perl module. Major change is the use of v6 of the Adwords API.
The token method is no longer supported, in favour of the
developerToken and applicationToken methods.

This collection of modules under Google::Adwords provides
an easy to use object oriented interface to the Google Adwords
SOAP API.  You don't need to understand SOAP or web
services to use this module.

Changes since v0.2
    - implements the AccountService and CreativeService API calls
    - uses v6 of the Adwords API
    - token method deprecated in favour of developerToken
    - added method applicationToken
    - getUnitCountForClients method added to the InfoService module
    - Following modules were added to the distribution
        * Google::Adwords::AccountInfo
        * Google::Adwords::AccountService
        * Google::Adwords::Address
        * Google::Adwords::ClientUsageRecord
        * Google::Adwords::CoverageType
        * Google::Adwords::Creative
        * Google::Adwords::CreativeService
        * Google::Adwords::CreditCard
        * Google::Adwords::EmailPromotionsPreferences
        * Google::Adwords::Image

Please visit for
documentation of all the modules.

You can install this module via cpan, or download it from - ...


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