[ANNOUNCE] Perl CPAN module LWP::Authen::Negotiate 0.05

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[ANNOUNCE] Perl CPAN module LWP::Authen::Negotiate 0.05

Perl CPAN module LWP::Authen::Negotiate
GSSAPI based Authentication Plugin for LWP.

just install LWP::Authen::Negotiate, LWP uses it as authentication plugin.
Use your LWP::UserAgent Scripts as usual. Authentication is done
transparent based on your GSSAPI installation (MIT Kerberos or Heimdal)
WWW-Negotiate Webservers are
IIS or Apache with mod_auth_kerb for example.

usage example:

 #! /usr/bin/perl -w
   use strict;
   require LWP::UserAgent;
   # uncomment if you want see what is going wrong messages
   #use LWP::Debug qw(+);
   my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;
   my $response = $ua->get('http://testwurst.grolmsnet.lan:8090/geheim /');
   if ($response->is_success) {
      print $response->content;  # or whatever
   else {
       die $response->status_line;
The actual version is available at CPAN

Many thanks to Leif Johansson who co-authored the module.

I hope it is useful!

Achim Grolms

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