ANNOUNCE: New release of Curses interface for Config::Model

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I've uploaded a new version of Config::Model::CursesUI[1].

This module provides a Curses interface for all configuration
descriptions created for Config::Model [2].

This interface is used by config-edit program provided by

For instance, you can try config-edit to modify your Xorg
configuration. For this, you need to install the Xorg model. Once all
modules are installed, you can run (as root, but please backup
/etc/X11/xorg.conf before):

  # config-edit -model Xorg

You may want to try it safely first by writing the resulting xorg.conf
elsewhere (in this case you can run this command with your user

  $ config-edit -model Xorg -write_directory test

Be sure to read Config::Model::Xorg's README file [4].


* lib/Config/Model/ bug fixes, interface cleanup,
  doc update, handle "uniline" value type



Dominique Dumont
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