[ANNOUNCE] MultiProcFactory 0.01

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Hi, I've written a series of modules that I'd like to share with
all of you.  It's usefull for multiprocess applications that
define a pattern in whatever system you may be programming in.  For
instance say you have 20 scripts that connect to multiple db schemas
and or physical db's to do db maintenance or query some tables.  You
can bundle up the core logic very nicely into an implentation class.
Where the only thing that differentiates the actual scripts is the
subroutine reference required for each child process.  The key is
finding the pattern and implementing it as a subclass.  It has some
nice features like shared memory (a hash and a scalar).  Parent
process can process these shared variables when children return
status.  This is a very useful tool for system maintenance scripts and
distributed reporting applications.  So give it a look if you are
interested.  Most importantly if after looking at the code and docs,
you have any suggestions send me and email.



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