[ANNOUNCE] MathML::Entities::Approximated (take II)

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Announcing the Perl Package MathML::Entities::Approximated (version
0.20) [Re-announced with complete details this time]

-- quote --
A subclass of MathML::Entities that supplies ASCII-approximate
characters for XHTML+MathML Named Entities.

XHTML+MathML named entities in the argument of name2approximated() are
replaced by the corresponding 7-bit ASCII character. Any entitiy which
cannot be approximated is removed.

    $html    = '<strong>avanc&eacute;e</strong>';

    # convert to HTML character reference. Standard MathML::Entities
    $numeric = name2numbered($html)    # <strong>avanc&#x000E9;e</strong>

    # convert to standard ASCII
    $ascii   = name2approximated($html) # <strong>avancee</strong>

-- end quote --

I created this package as I build databases that have entities in the
source data. MathML::Entities will convert that data into printable
formats, but I also wanted a simple ASCII version for the (English
Language) searched indexes.

Available from the main CPAN website now, and mirrors in due course.

Ian Stuart

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