ANNOUNCE: Math::Polynomial 1.001

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I am pleased to announce the release of Math::Polynomial 1.001,
which is a major development step from the previous version (0.04).

It is now (or should shortly be) available from:

Math::Polynomial is a Perl class representing polynomials in one
variable.  It provides a set of operations defined for polynomials,
like addition, multiplication, division with remainder, evaluation,
nesting, etc., as well as attribute inspection and formatting

Version 1.001 is identical to version 1.000 except for the version
number and the fact that its tarball was not truncated by a broken
server before it made it to CPAN.

New in version 1.000 are many operations, like power, greatest
common divisor, nesting, derivative and antiderivative, comparison
and modular inverse.

There is now more control over string representations of polynomials,
in general and per object.

New, too, is support for arbitrary coefficient spaces, like
complex numbers, rationals, finite fields or matrices.

Gone are methods like tidy() and size() dealing with implementation
details of no mathematical significance.  In fact, as backwards
compatibility was given up anyway, some more cosmetic API changes
could be established as well.

For a more detailed history of changes, see the Changes file in the
distribution.  Migration issues for applications upgrading from
older versions to 1.000 are addressed in detail in the examples

CPAN Module Entry

6) Data Types and Data Type Utilities (see also Database Interfaces)

Name           DLSIP  Description                                  Info
-----------    -----  -------------------------------------------- -----
::Polynomial   RdpOp  Perl class for polynomials in one variable


   Development State:  R - Released
   Language Used:      p - Perl-only
   Support Level:      d - Developer
   Interface Style:    O - Object oriented
   Public License:     p - Standard-Perl

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