ANNOUNCE: List::Compare v0.31

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Version 0.31 of Perl extension List-Compare is now available on CPAN,

In this version two new methods, get_unique_all() and
get_complement_all(), make their debut.  For a series of lists,
get_unique_all() returns an array of arrays identifying the items
unique to each list.  get_complement_all() works analogously.
Identically named functions are also available in the functional
interface, List::Compare::Functional.  The lists being examined may be
passed to the constructor or functions via arrays or via seen-hashes.

This version of List-Compare followed a 'test-driven' model of
development more than earlier versions.  Paul Johnson's Devel::Cover
module was used to analyze how well the test suite covered the
module's code.  This led to over 3300 tests being added to the test

Jim Keenan

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