ANNOUNCE: IO::Capture::Stdout::Extended 0.03

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=head1 NAME

IO::Capture::Stdout::Extended - Extend functionality of IO::Capture::Stdout


     use IO::Capture::Stdout::Extended;

     $capture = IO::Capture::Stdout::Extended->new();
     # some code that prints to STDOUT

     # scalar context:  return number of print statements with 'fox'
     $matches = $capture->grep_print_statements('fox');

     # list context:  return list of print statements with 'fox'
     @matches = $capture->grep_print_statements('fox');

     # return number of print statements
     $matches = $capture->statements;

     # scalar context:  return number of pattern matches
     $regex = qr/some regular expression/;
     $matches = $capture->matches($regex);

     # list context:  return list of pattern matches
     @matches = $capture->matches($regex);

     # return reference to array holding list of pattern matches
     $matchesref = $capture->matches_ref($regex);


IO::Capture::Stdout::Extended is a collection of subroutines which
may be useful in extending the functionality of CPAN module
IO::Capture::Stdout, particularly when used in a testing context
such as that provided by Test::Simple, Test::More or other modules
built on Test::Builder.

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Re: ANNOUNCE: IO::Capture::Stdout::Extended 0.03

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