[ANNOUNCE] Google::Adwords v1.0.1

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Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce release v1.0.1 of the Google::Adwords Perl
It should be available on your CPAN mirror, so you can use the cpan
to install/upgrade. Or else, download it from here -


Google::Adwords is a collection of Perl modules that provides an
easy-to-use object oriented interface to the Google Adwords SOAP API.
don't need to understand SOAP or Web services to use it.

I request all current and potential users to subscribe to the module's
mailing list, as this would make it easier to announce releases et al.
Please visit  https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/google-adwords-perl
to subscribe.

List of changes to this release:
  * supports version 8 (v8) of the Adwords API
  * Documentation updated
  * added field proxyMaxCpc to the AdGroup object
  * KeywordToolService implemented
  * Campaign object supports budgetOptimizerSettings()
  * All sandbox tests are passing!
  * CreativeService deprecated. Module is in distro, but please do
    not use it. Use AdService instead.
  * All calls of AdService implemented (previously CreativeService)
  * CampaignService supports Ad Schedules
  * CriterionService implemented
  * Bug fix for Google::Adwords::Campaign object, so that single
values are
    returned in an arrayref and not as a string
  * For all data objects, the get() method. i.e. the accessor now
    HTML entities
  * Added examples/init_sandbox_accounts.pl which initializes the
    accounts in the sandbox
  * Added examples/findBusinesses.pl script

I'm particularly proud of the sandbox tests. Once your client accounts
been created in the sandbox (use examples/init_sandbox_accounts.pl),
the sandbox tests run successfully.

Contributors to this release
  Mathieu Jondet


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