ANNOUNCE: Games::Go::AGATourn and Games::Go::GoPair modules released

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Hello All,

I have uploaded perl modules Games::Go::AGATourn and
Games::Go::GoPair to CPAN.  If you follow the 'search
by category' link, you'll find it in chapter 23
Miscellaneous_Modules under Games.  Or use one of the
search functions.

AGATourn provides methods for parsing American Go
Association (AGA) format data files: tdlista and
tdlistn, register.tde, 1.tde, 2.tde,etc.

GoPair 'use's AGATourn (and a few other modules) to
provide support for running a go tournament:  there's a
perl/Tk script for searching tdlist and entering players
into register.tde as you're preparing the tournament.
Another perl/Tk script called aradjust is used to adjust
pairings and enter game results.  A script called rats
calculates ratings adjustments after each round, and a
script called gopair pairs the next round.  Finally a
script called score calculates tournamet scores and
send2aga collects all the data into a file ready to email
to (the AGA ratings coordinator).

If you plan to use GoPair to run a tournament, you probably
should check with me first.  I used it successfully on the
recent 13th annual Jujo Tournament, but no one besides me
has ever used it.



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