ANNOUNCE: File::MultiCat 0.03

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File::MultiCat (multicat_0.03.tar.gz) has been uploaded to CPAN.

  (Perl Module)

A concatinating website preprocessor.
Reads a description-file to make a website by concatinating files.
First filenames on each line are concatinated
to the last filename on that line, in order.
The description of how to build the pages for a website
can thus be written in minutes.  This is useful in cases where
common menus, headers, and footers occur on each page.
It allows this to be done without the problems incurred
by frames.

This differs from most preprocessors in that it does not
use or interpret a macro language in a file being preprocessed;
instead it uses a site-description-file to build completed
pages from shorter files.  Using this module, anyone can
now add this external ability to their macro oriented preprocessor with
a couple of lines of code.  

The module is not limited to making pages of a website -- that
is just the most obvious use.

(( A similar package that is a script (as opposed to a module) is
available at:

The script in that package that corresponds to
'File::MultiCat' is ''.  The package also comes
with a macro based preprocessing script, ''.
If you are not an author and just want to do some preprocessing
on your website, the script based version might be more handy. ))

0.01  Fri Jul 30 17:43:27 2004; original version.
0.02  Corrected several mistakes in stub documentation.
0.03  Added text of the Gnu Public License ("gpl.txt"), and made
       a correction to README (Aug. 2, 2004)

use File::MultiCat;
my $ob = File::MultiCat->new();

     ...with xot being the optional filename
     of the site description file.  It defaults to 'multicat.dat'.

Perl 5.008 and standard modules strict and warnings.
Probably runs on older versions of Perl, but
hasn't been tested.

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