ANNOUNCE: ExtUtils::ModuleMaker v0.47

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ExtUtils::ModuleMaker v0.47 is now available on CPAN

ExtUtils::ModuleMaker and its associated command-line utility,
modulemaker, provide you with the capability to create the file and
directory structure needed to properly distribute and install Perl modules.

v0.47 offers more fine-grained control over the code at the top of a
'.pm' package.  You can now automatically include 'use warnings;' by
setting INCLUDE_WARNINGS to a true value; likewise, you can
automatically include a Subversion-style '#$Id$' string on the second
line of a .pm file.

Currently these are only available through the
call-constructor-explicitly-in-script interface, not through
command-line options or the 'modulemaker' interactive mode.  Those
capabilities may come in a future version.  Send comments to jkeenan
[at] cpan [dot] org with 'modulemaker' in the subject line.

Thank you very much.

Jim Keenan

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