ANNOUNCE: ExtUtils-ModuleMaker-0.33

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Version 0.33 of Perl extension ExtUtils::ModuleMaker has been uploaded
to the CPAN ( and
should soon be available on mirrors.  It is a replacement for *h2xs* in
creating modules which do not rely on C-code.

ExtUtils::ModuleMaker was originally written by R Geoffrey Avery.  I
first learned of it when Geoff gave talks on it at YAPCs in Boca Raton
and Paris in 2003.  When I finally got around to studying it, I was
impressed with its "laziness" and advocated its use in a talk I gave to
the New Orleans Perlmongers in December 2004.  I submitted some patches
and, at this year's YAPC in Toronto, Geoff said, "Want to take it over?"

The answer is now available on CPAN.  At this point no new functionality
has been introduced into EU::MM.  However, the *modulemaker* utility has
been revised to allow for more thorough specification of options on the
command line.

I take responsibility for any bugs introduced since Geoff's last
version.  You may report them through the regular process or
by e-mail to my address listed in the documentation.  I'm
particularly concerned with any problems that may arise with modules
that subclass EU::MM.

I've also opened a cpanforum page: .

Thanks again to Geoff Avery for this handy module!

Jim Keenan

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