ANNOUNCE: DBIx::Admin::BackupRestore V 1.06

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The pure Perl module DBIx::Admin::BackupRestore V 1.06
is available immediately from CPAN,
and from .

On-line docs, and a *.ppd for ActivePerl are also
available from the latter site.

An extract from the docs:

1.06  Fri May 20 15:45:00 2005
    - Correct docs discussing the value 2 for the fiddle_timestamp option, which             
        said timestamp and should have said datetime.
    - Add an FAQ to the docs
    - Add method restore_in_order(), which lets you specify the order in which                     
        tables are restored. This allows you to define a column with a clause such as
        'references foreign_table (foreign_column)', and to populate the foreign_table
        before the dependent table.
        But mutually-dependent and self-referential tables are still not catered for.
    - Add method split(), which reads an XML file output by backup() and splits out
        into a separate file each table you are not skipping. The file names are the         
        tables' names, including schema if any, and with an extension of 'xml'. The             
        output files have headers and footers so they are identical in structure to             
        the file output by backup(). Hence they can be fed back in to restore() and             
        This method helps circumvent the drawback of restore_in_order(), which reads         
        its input file once per table.
        Since this is a file-to-file operation, the dbh parameter to new() is no                         
        longer mandatory.
        See examples/ and all-tables.xml for a demo.
    - Change methods backup(), restore() and the new restore_in_order() and                                 
        split(), to use lower case XML tags 'dbi', 'resultset', and 'row', as they                 
        should have been in the first place.
    - Methods restore() and split() will read a file containing upper or lower case
    - Warning: restore_in_order() only handles lower case tags, due to the way                        
        XML::Records works.
    - This module now requires these modules, installed in this order:
        o XML::Parser
        o XML::TokeParser
        o XML::Records

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