Announce: DBD::Unify 0.70

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This just took too long. Several other interresting projects,
like getting perl 5.10 out, snatched away all tuits.

The following report has been written by the PAUSE namespace indexer.
Please contact if there are any open questions.
   Id: mldistwatch 925 2007-09-16 15:41:11Z k

                User: HMBRAND (H.Merijn Brand)
   Distribution file: DBD-Unify-0.70.tgz
     Number of files: 31
          *.pm files: 1
              README: DBD-Unify-0.70/README
            META.yml: DBD-Unify-0.70/META.yml
   Timestamp of file: Fri Jan  4 14:07:52 2008 UTC
    Time of this run: Fri Jan  4 14:09:24 2008 UTC

     - Added the dTHX; calls for threaded perls
     - Moved opt_v to dbd_verbose
     - Added/Aliassed uni_verbose to dbd_verbose
     - Made the first failure notices from Makefile.PL more verbose  
     - Tested with DBI-1.59
       ** 0.66 never made it to production due to lack of tuits
     - Tested with DBI-1.601
     - Prevent segfault under Linux (tazervas)
     - Better support for SQLBINARY (tazervas) (adds t/25-binary.t)
     - DBD::Unify now under git
     - Upped copyright to 2008
     - Tested with perl-5.10.0
     - A few casts for 64bit perl
     - Moved DBIh_SET_ERR_CHAR () to DBIc_ERR () and DBIc_ERRSTR ()
     - Moved DBIc_TRACE_LEVEL (h) to dbis->debug where appropriate
     - Raised minimal perl to 5.6.x, also for Test::More

     - perlcritic OK
     - BAIL_OUT () when table creation fails
     - Segfault fix for failing do () calls (
     - Split TEXT/BINARY for DS 9 ( + test
     - Added an example to show record count(s)

     - Tested under DBI-1.56. Make sure to rebuild the DBD
     - Added t/15-uni-fail.t
     - Differentiate between carp (warnings) and croak (errors) better

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