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I have a module that I've written and still tweaking, but I would like to upload
it to CPAN to make it available to everyone. I believe it is very useful for
anyone who does simple encryption with files using FileHandles.

The module returns a pseudo-FileHandle which isn't really attached to a file,
but uses TIEHANDLE to become associated with the real FileHandle that is
attached to the real file. It can be used in the same manner of a real
FileHandle, such as:

my $fh = new Crypt::FileHandle '> myfile.dat';

All data written to the real filehandle is encrypted and all data read from
the real filehandle is decrypted. All that is required before using the
Crypt::FileHandle is declaration of an encryption key. Crypt::CBC is used
to perform the encryption, so any module that Crypt::CBC accepts can also
be optionally specified, as well as an IV and some other options.

All reads are properly buffered, so sysread and readline can be used together,
as well as syswrite and print.

I'm still working out some minor bugs, and may have some recommendations to
enhance TIEHANDLE (such as incorporating Fcntl for locking).

Please let me know if there's anything wrong with me submitting this module.
I believe it can be very useful, as I've already been using it to protect
some data of my own. I'm not using my real e-mail address (obviously) so please
visit PAUSE to figure out how to contact me if that is neccessary, or you can
a response on here and I will look for it.

Also, if there is a better namespace for this module, please let me know.

Thank you,

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