Announce: CGI::Session::ExpireSessions V 1.04

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The pure Perl module CGI::Session::ExpireSessions V 1.04
is available immediately from CPAN,
and from .

On-line docs, and a *.ppd for ActivePerl are also
available from the latter site.

An extract from the docs:
1.04  Tue Nov 02 15:20:00 2004
    - Note: All files referred to here match the CGI::Session file name format
    - Fix the assumption in sub expire_file_sessions() that the program was being
run in the temp directory,
        by adding the temp directory's name as a prefix to all file names.
        Original patch: Matthias Bläsing
    - Fix sub expire_file_sessions() to delete files of size <= 5 bytes which are
old enough. Files of size 0
        are sometimes created by CGI::Session under unknown circumstances.
        As always, use new(delta => 123) to change the definition of 'old enough'
    - Fix verbose message for file session where it should have referred to
        and not $$D. The latter was a careless copy-and-paste from the database
    - Ignore recent files whose size is <= 5 bytes
    - Change text of verbose messages from 'Time lapsed' to 'Time elapsed'
    - Add a security warning to the POD. Actually this comment is redundant,
because you always read the POD,

Ron Savage, on 16/11/2004

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