ANNOUNCE: AFS Perl API 2.6.3 released

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AFS Perl API Version 2.6.3
    I am pleased to announce the AFS Perl API 2.6.3 release

    The AFS module bundle is a dynamically loadable extension to
    Perl. It gives the AFS user and administrator access to many of
    the AFS programming APIs, allowing you to make these calls
    directly from Perl, rather then processing the output of a
    command. The AFS module bundle is a thin layer above the low-level
    AFS APIs.

    This release compiles with OpenAFS system libraries version 1.4.X
    on 32-bit and on 64-bit platforms.

Where To Get It
    The version 2.6.3 is now available at

    This release should work on all UNIX/Linux platforms which have
    AFS API interfaces and the appropriate C compilation environment.

    c36b26dc25d1c3cbe7fdc5faa1a2e1c7  AFS-2.6.3.tar.gz

User Visible Changes in this Release
    - compiles with OpenAFS system libraries version 1.4.X on 32-bit and
      on 64-bit platforms
    - released the BOS methods
    - fixed AFS::VOS- method "create"
    - updated AFS::VOS method "dump" (omitdir)
    - added hash values "copyDate", "backupDate", and "accessDate" to
      AFS::VOS method "listvolume"
    - updated example scripts

For more information about the current state of the AFS Perl API,
check my "AFS Perl API Kwiki" site at: /

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