ANNOOUNCE: DBIx::Admin::TableInfo V 2.00

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The pure Perl module DBIx::Admin::TableInfo V 2.00
is available immediately from CPAN,
and from .

On-line docs, and a *.ppd for ActivePerl are also
available from the latter site.

An extract from the docs:

2.00  Thu Apr 20 11:19:00 2006
    - Add primary key info
    - Add foreign key info
    - Rename parameters to new():
        o table_catalog is now catalog
        o table_schema is now schema
        o column_catalog is now catalog
        o column_schema is now schema
    - Add parameters to new() to support Oracle:
        o table
        o type
    - Document parameter values for:
        o MS Access
        o MySQL
        o Oracle
        o PostgreSQL
    - Update docs
    - Rewrite examples/ to use Data::Dumper
    - Chop examples/test-table-info.cgi because it added nothing useful to the

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