ANN: Win32-Fonts-Info V0.01

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This is the the first release of this module.

An extract of the dos:

Win32::Fonts::Info - Perl extension for get a list of installed
fontfamilies on a Win32 Computer.


The Module Win32::Fonts::Info uses the GDI API EnumFontFamiliesEx() to
retrive the list of installed Fontfamilies.
There are three types of fonts which can be found on a Windows system:
Raster Fonts, Truetype Fonts and Vector Fonts. All informations about a
font will be saved in two structures: a text metric structure
(physical-font data) and a LOGFONT structure (logical-font data). The
Output of the functions GetFontInfo*() returns a hash reference to a
combination of text metrics and logical font data. Logical font data
are begining with "elf" or "lf" and text metrics are with "tm" or "ntm".

I asume that the user have some knowledge about the Windows GDI API.

for more information please read the module documentation.


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