[ANN] Text-CSV_XS 0.27 released

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         * checked with perlcritic (still works under 5.00504)
           so 3-arg open cannot be used (except in the docs)
         * 3-arg open in docs too
         * Added a lot to the TODO list
         * Some more info on using escape character (jZed)
         * Mention Text::CSV_PP in README
         * Added t/45_eol.t, eol tests
         * Added a section about embedded newlines in the pod
         * Allow \r as eol ($/) for parsing
         * More docs for eol
         * More eol = \r fixes, tfrayner's test case added to t/45_eol=

         * Add $csv->allow_undef (1) suggestion in TODO
           Still have to find the best spot to document
           the difference between empty string and undef
         * Spell-checked the pod and fixed some typo's
         * Added t/70_rt.t
           - Regression         for RT 24386: \t doesn't work (WFM)
           - Regression and fix for RT 21530: getline () return at eof
             This one still passes under perl 5.00504
           - Regression         for RT 18703: Fails to use quote_char of=
         * Added t/55_combi.t for most combinations of always_quote,
           sep_char, quote_char, and escape_char
         * Added docs about sep_char not allowed to be either quote_char=

           or escape_char
         * Both combine () and parse () now return FALSE id sep_char is
           equal to either quote_char or escape_char. Done in XS, as it
           was a slowdown of 10% when done in perl.

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