ANN: Spreadsheet::Read 0.16

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has entered CPAN as

   file: $CPAN/authors/id/H/HM/HMBRAND/Spreadsheet-Read-0.16.tgz
   size: 42789 bytes
    md5: 87f9a96182b71d195bc6b1fede03b495

This is a quickened release for Jim Ford, as he reads his spreadsheets
with Perl and Spreadsheet::Read, and wanted color support. Enjoy!

        Spreadsheet::Read $,1x2(B Read the data from a spreadsheet

         use Spreadsheet::Read;
         my $ref = ReadData ("test.csv", sep => ";");
         my $ref = ReadData ("test.sxc");
         my $ref = ReadData ("test.ods");
         my $ref = ReadData ("test.xls");

         my $a3 = $ref$,1rp(B>[1], "\n"; # content of field A3 of sheet 1

        Spreadsheet::Read tries to transparantly read *any* spreadsheet and
        return its content in a universal manner independent of the parsing
        module that does the actual spreadsheet scanning.

0.16    Tue 04 Jul 2006

     - xlscat new option: --in-sep-char to force-define input sep-char for  CSV
     - More debug lines
     - Parser name info in $ref->[0]
     - SquirrelCalc now reports Spreadsheet::Read and its version for  parser
     - Most of the attributes for Excel now implemented. Tested, but no  test

0.15    Wed 21 Jun 2006

     - Small doc change from AnnoCPAN
     - Sheets with undefined labels might cause havoc
     - Clip now skips empty xls sheets (TODO: sxc)
     - xlscat clips by default
     - xlscat new options -d and --noclip
     - xlscat usage () from -?/--help to STDOUT from fault to STDERR

0.14    Fri 20 Jan 2006

     - maxrow and maxcol were swapped in csv sheets
     - promoted internal debug flag to option
     - small doc changes

Re: ANN: Spreadsheet::Read 0.16


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0.17    Tue 04 Jul 2006

     - xlscat new option: --ansii to (try to) use the ansi colors for fields
     - Fixed a color attribute off-by-one error
     - Added test cases (not yet complete)
     - Added bold and underline

0.16 has been removed and/or marked for deletion

If installing from a color-enabled xterm, try

# xlscat -A -L files/attr.xls

after installation to see what 0.17 can do :)

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