ANN: Spreadsheet::Read 0.15

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has entered CPAN as

   file: $CPAN/authors/id/H/HM/HMBRAND/Spreadsheet-Read-0.15.tgz
   size: 38966 bytes
    md5: 252e37edfe2cd2a46f9d34f30ad97d69

        Spreadsheet::Read $,1x2(B Meta$,1x2(BWrapper for reading spreadsheet data

          use Spreadsheet::Read;
          my $ref = ReadData ("file.xls");

        Spreadsheet::Read offers a uniformed wrapper to
        and Spreadheet::ReadSXC to give the end$,1rp(Buser a single point of view  to
        various types of spreadsheets and deal with these in a transparent

        See for more thorrough documentation the pod in the module, or

          $ man Spreadsheet::Read

        after installation

Revision history for Spreadsheet::Read

0.15    Wed 21 Jun 2006

     - Small doc change from AnnoCPAN
     - Sheets with undefined labels might cause havoc
     - Clip now skips empty xls sheets (TODO: sxc)
     - xlscat clips by default
     - xlscat new options -d and --noclip
     - xlscat usage () from -?/--help to STDOUT from fault to STDERR

0.14    Fri 20 Jan 2006

     - maxrow and maxcol were swapped in csv sheets
     - promoted internal debug flag to option
     - small doc changes

0.13    Thu 04 Nov 2005

     - Control attrib 'cells' was misinterpreted
     - New option: clip, default is true if is selected, false
       Removes trailing lines and columns in each sheet that have no  visible
     - new test t/11_call.t for checking options. Not complete yet
     - Added test_cover target to Makefile.PL

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