AIX testers wanted for Math::Random

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I recently received a bug report for Math::Random versions 0.67 and 0.68.
The environment was AIX, perl 5.8.7 (or 5.8.8?), and gcc 4.0.1. I
don't have an AIX machine to test on, and the current CPAN test results for
this module don't show any tests for AIX.

So, if you have AIX and could test Math::Random, you would be doing a Good
Deed. The following questions are of particular interest:
- If "make test" dumps core, can you isolate the exact line where the
failure occurs?
- Does specifying '-O0' to the compiler make any difference?
- Does gcc give different results from Visual Age C++?

You can reach me at GROMMEL [at] cpan [dot] org. Thanks.

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