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this ...

  use Tcl;
  my $Interpreter = new Tcl;
  $Interpreter->Eval('puts "Hello world"');
  $Interpreter->Eval('puts $auto_path');

puts this ...

  Hello world
  can't read "auto_path": no such variable at ...\ line 4.

I want to know what ::auto_path is because
I am trying to insure that uses Tcl/tk
instead of tkkit.dll.

thanks, if you can help,
(or if you're in Texas|Ohio and vote for Barack)


Re: activestate's question

~greg schreef:
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I have never used this module, but it seems that the problem is related
to the use of single quotes; try instead:

$Interpreter->Eval("puts $auto_path");


Re: activestate's question

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But thank you anyway.

It's tcl syntax in that Eval(), not perl syntax.

If you think about it, perl wouldn't call that kind of error.
If you
    print 'puts $auto_path';
in perl, you'd simply get
because Perl doesn't interpolate variables in single quotes.

Like perl, tcl also uses '$' for variables
(but only to get the value (R-side), and not for setting it (L-side)).

This, for example, works fine: ...
  use Tcl;
  my $Interpreter = new Tcl;
  $Interpreter->Eval('set x "Hello world"');
  $Interpreter->Eval('puts $x');
It prints
   Hello world

Actually what I wanted was to get to use Activestate's Tcl/Tk
installation instead of the tkkit.dll that they ship with
(If you follow me. But don't worry if you don't. This is not a very popular

I only mentioned because I knew that uses,
so I thought it'd be easiest (or necessary) to get to use Tcl/Tk first.

And I did finally get Tkx to use Tcl/Tk,
(in the sense that
  use Tkx;
  print join "\n", (Tkx::SplitList(Tkx::set('auto_path')));

now prints out
... etc )

However, trying it again, I still can't get
  use Tcl;
  my $Interpreter = new Tcl;
  $Interpreter->Eval('puts $auto_path');

to print anything but:
  can't read "auto_path": no such variable at ...

Which means I don't really understand how these things
(,, Tcl/Tk, tkkit.dll) are actually hooked up.


Re: activestate's question

correction --
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