Access DOM using JavaScript::SpiderMonkey

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Hello all,

I'm working on a program as part of my off-time hobby, but seems like
I've got a problem here.

Say, I have an HTML file like this:

<form name=myform method=POST>
<input type=hidden name=username value=abc>

In my server-side script, I'd like to access document.myform.username
and update it dynamically.

On the client side, I use Lynx as my browser, so I'd like to keep
everything on the server-side.

Is there any way I can manage that? Thank you in advance.

Re: Access DOM using JavaScript::SpiderMonkey wrote:
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Dynamically as in it changes after it's been rendered on the user's
display, or dynamically as in it its value is determined by the server
just as it sends the page to the client?

The first can't be done without client-side scripting.

For the second you could start with the CGI module, and get
progressively more complex by using a templating package such as
HTML::Template or the Template Toolkit.


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