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Openchess had been running fine.  Then attempted to overclock, with
Hackmaster, and then Afterburner - couldn't find afterburner after
so couldn't run it.  It appeared as a hack in Hackmaster only.
Then tried Quickbits, it ran.  Then after all this, could
not run Openchess, it crashed the system, white screen, then buzzing,
with coloured boxes; used reset button to reset.  Yet, other programs
could run including Palmchess.

It seems no matter what I do, this Zire22 will not run Openchess
crashing the system, even after removing Hackmaster, Afterburner, and
Quickbits; after all reboots.


Re: Zire22 Problem

On May 2, 5:38=A0pm, cocka...@aussieisp.net.au wrote:
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Am attempting a hard boot, as per protocol:http://www.hardreset.eu /
Noticed instructions were not clear about 'the icon' you see before
releasing the power button.  I'll see if it
works.  Problem here it takes a bit of time, reinstalling.

Re: Zire22 Problem

On May 2, 5:38=A0pm, cocka...@aussieisp.net.au wrote:
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Amazingly enough, even after a hard reboot, Openchess does not run.
Wacko, what a machine.

Re: Zire22 Problem

Noticed alot of hotsync problems were solved with disconnecting other
usb devices, and not using a hub.

Re: Zire22 Problem

cockatoo@aussieisp.net.au wrote:
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Try a new hardware platform or different software!

It's also possible that your attempts to hack the system have damaged
your hardware.  Overclocking usually generates more heat and
semiconductors don't like being overheated!

Re: Zire22 Problem

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Presumably you have done a "hard reset": I can't remember procedure for
Zire but its something like hold down reset button and switch on, or
just hold reset button for a long period.

Restores everything to 'factory'.  You have to re-install your apps but
that isn't difficult.  All your palm data (contacts etc) will reload
when you sync but to be doubly sure set hotsync to 'desktop overwrites
handheld' first time you do it.

If that doesn't work, then all I can say is you have discovered first
hand the risks involved in hacks and overclocking, good job it was an
inexpensive bit of kit.

Richard C

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