zire 72 special edition vs Sony Clie TJ37

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I'm looking for a new Palm to replace my aging IIIC. The Zire 72 sounds
interesting to me, and is more affordable than the newer Tungsten models. It
seems many of the complaints of the Zire 72 centered around the blue finish
peeling off too easily. Now Palm is selling a Special Edition Zire 72 that
has a silver finish to start with. So for the price, would more of you now
recommend the Zire 72 since the blue finish is no longer an issue with the
Special Edition?

The only other unit I'm considering is a Sony Clie TJ37 for around $300. I
like that the Clie has built-in Wireless. With the Zire 72, I'd have to
shell out another $120 for the wireless card. Otherwise, I'm still sort of
leaning toward the Zire.

Appreciate your feedback between the two units.


Re: zire 72 special edition vs Sony Clie TJ37

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I am looking at exactly the sme 2 pdas.  I hope someone replies.  I'd
rather have built in wi-fi, as I have read that PAlm recommends you
remove the wi-fi card in the Zire 72 to save battery life.  I don't
think I would want to do that.  Good luck in your search.


Re: zire 72 special edition vs Sony Clie TJ37

After 1 day with my Zire 72, my only major complaint a picture issue
I'm having related to taking high resolution pictures (which I posted
about earlier). Otherwise, it's good. The handwriting recognition works
well, the hotsync software is fairly intuitive and easy to setup. The
mail application, versamail, is a little cumbersome to setup, but works
very well once you have everything in place. I wish it came with wiFi
by default instead of (or in addition to) bluetooth; however there is a
wiFi card you can buy for $130 by SanDisk. I doubt I'll invest into
that though.

I have hear that the blue finish issue is only a problem with the older
ones and that it was resolved in the 72s that were manufactured more
recently. I'm not sure if that's a rumor or reality, but I'm hoping
it's true.

Overall I think it's a good PDA for the $$.

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