Zire 31 shows wrong Palm OS

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When I go to info/version my Zire 31 says "Palm OSŪ software v. 3.1.1"

According to all the specs the Zire 31 comes with Palm OS 5.

I have never "cross-sync'd" to any other computer or device that might
cause this.

Does anyone know what the problem is (if it is, indeed, a problem) and
how to fix it?

Re: Zire 31 shows wrong Palm OS

I wasn't aware that the two versions *could* be swapped - Palm OS 5 uses ARM
processor, and earlier versions use Motorola Dragonball CPU. You are
correct, current PalmOne site says Palm OS 5 for that model. Is it a very
early device?


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Re: Zire 31 shows wrong Palm OS

It was purchased last May and yes, as Alan points out, the 31 was always
OS 5 out of the box (as I believe all Zires are).

My reason for ensuring I'm to OS 5 is I would like to purchase Kinoma
Player 3 EX for listening to m4a audio files... unless someone has
another recommendation...?

It's just some weird ghost in the palmtop I hope. I'm new here, but
lurking a little I can see that Palm staff types do read this group. I'm
hoping one will come along to announce I need to reinstall everything
from the original CD after backing up my user data and doing a hard reset.

Isn't that the prescription for everything that might go wrong on a Palm? ;)

Mike wrote:
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Re: Zire 31 shows wrong Palm OS

test@test.com says...
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Can't be that early - the Zire 31 is only, what?, 6 months old. Even the
original Zire didn't use PalmOS 3.


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