Zire 31 or Clie TJ25

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I've been driving myself insane trying to decide between these two
entry level PDA's.

I've read the pro's and con's. I know pretty much what I will and
won't be able to do with each of them. I do like the idea of being
able to play mp3's on the Zire (with memory card). They fare about the
same in the reviews I've read. I know that the clie has better
resolution but I really won't be playing "action" games on it. I
basically want it for holding drug references, medical dictionary,
etc. I also know that the Clie(TJ25) has been around for a few years.

I've run across the Zire 31 on sale for 99.00 and the Clie on
clearance for 119.00 so the price is about the same too. 150.00 is
about the max I can go. This is for Xmas (for myself) and everyone
knows mom ends up with the least expensive gift... :o)

Anyone have any comments or insights that might make this decision a
bit easier?


Re: Zire 31 or Clie TJ25

If you push the boat out by a tenner you could get the best of both worlds
in the form on tungsten E. I personally have a Tj-35, got a few more
features than the 25. I was very close to buying a an Tungsten E, but the
"hold" feature on the clie sold me. An E would serve all of your purposes
and beyond. Good value for money if you ask me.

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Re: Zire 31 or Clie TJ25

Veritech wrote:
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 From what I've seen of the screen and recall of the specs, you REALLY
should spend a few minutes looking at typical things you expect to do on
each unit.  The 160x160 Z31 screen seems to be about the same as my old
M130 screen, and, while an improvement over my monochrome Handspring
Visor screen (except in sunlight), it is definitely harder on the eyes
than a 320x320 screen which I believe the Sony and most other recent
color models from them and Palm now have (aside from the high-end TH55
and T3, T5, etc).

"Give it a look"

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Re: Zire 31 or Clie TJ25

ROC wrote:
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I just posted a question that may be relevant to yours, but have not had
a reply.  The question is: If you buy and install the software for the
Clie will you ever be able to add a Palm product as well?  I heard
somewhere that you can't install two different desktop Palms and the
Sony desktop is not exactly the same as the Palm's.  Does that mean you
can't synch both a Clie and a Palm Tungsten from the same computer?

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