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I just bought a Zaurus 5800 (eBay) and need help in transferring .txt files
from my computer to it.  I've downloaded the manual and read the appropriate
section but it seems to require software.  Does anyone know where I can
download this software (I tried Googling for it) and can anyone give me any
advice on getting the .txt files onto the Zaurus?

Many thanks in advance.

Re: Zaurus PC Link

On Sun, 14 Nov 2004 03:43:40 GMT, Erin Go Bragh
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The Zaurus runs Linux, doesn't it have an ftp client?

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Re: Zaurus PC Link

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I believe he is referring to the "original" Zaurus 5800.....from the mid
1990s....definitely did not run Linux.  There was a PC program called "PC
Link" which at one time was available online.  Initially, it was sold as
part of a connectivity kit with the cable.    It's been awhile, though.  One
problem may be that (if you find it) it perhaps won't like to run on the
latest Mcrosoft OS [IIRC, it didn't want to work on my Windows NT machine
although I probably am mistaken].  Google could be of some help here.

There was also some PC software from a 3rd party which let you write & run
your own apps.  Played with it a little bit but got interested in more
contemporary stuff (Zaurus 5800 was already essentially "old news" when I
got mine as a hand-me-down from prvious officemate back in 1995 or so).  For
awhile, it seemed like everyone at AT&T had one; I think they were included
with some sort of in-house course on time management or whatever.

That generation of PDA was also abandoned by Sharp back then, a good reason
why I always avoided the "new" Sharp Zauruses (Zauri? :-).   Fool me once,

Re: Zaurus PC Link

Sorry about top-posting and following-up to my own message, but you got my
curiosity up so I did a little bit of quick checking...

Take a look at
I think you will find the PC software you want there.

has the PILI software which is what I recalled.....allows you to write &
download your own apps, etc.

Probably other sites out there too.......

Maybe I will dust off my 5800 again one of these days :-)

Good luck !


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Re: Zaurus PC Link

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Thanks a whole lot -- I have bookmarked all this and will try it out.  I
realize the Zaurus 5800 is a total dinosaur but all I was wanting is
something that can be used to read and edit text files.  I don't even need
the PDA functions.  The Z came up on eBay at the right price so I jumped on
it, not realizing I'd need software to get the text files onto it.  Again

Re: Zaurus PC Link

I just wanted to thank you again -- I found the exact software I needed at and now I've been able to transfer files to the Zaurus.
Thanks a WHOLE bunch!

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