WiFi sniffer for Clie TH55?

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Are there any NetStumbler-like apps for the Clie TH55?

I know it comes with one but pressing 'Scan' every 10 seconds
gets a bit wearing :-)


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Re: WiFi sniffer for Clie TH55?

On Tue, 4 Jan 2005 11:43:11 +0000, Jim wrote:
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The Clie-series runs palm os, right? In that case I can recommend
NetChaser. It's an excellent piece of software.

Url: http://www.bitsnbolts.com/netchaser.html

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Re: WiFi sniffer for Clie TH55?

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Thanks, but from their site:

Q: Why doesn't NetChaser work on my Sony Clie (insert model here)?
A: We have made every attempt possible to support the Sony Clie devices
with WiFi. Sony has blocked our attempts each time. We require certain
information from Sony in order to support their proprietary
implementation of WiFi and they have been completely unwilling to
provide this information. Sony America contacted us about supporting
their devices with NetChaser they even attempted to liaison with Sony
Japan on our behalf. No one at Sony Japan would answer their emails or
return their phone calls.


Thanks for the suggestion though.

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