Why Versamail?

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Don't quite understand the utility of Versamail.

I am sure I am missing something.

I just installed the Palm WiFi software with the Palm WiFi Card on my =
Tungsten T5.

So now on my Palm , I can have access to all my email on Yahoo and =
Google, as well as send and receive email on Yahoo and Google.

So what is the use of Versamail?


Re: Why Versamail?

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The software and the hardware came with my TX.

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Not everyone does webmail.  Versamail does POP3 and a few secure
variants of it, plus IMAP and Exchange ActiveSync.  Also, not
everyone's webmail is friendly to the smaller screens of a Palm.

This may particularly be an issue for corporate LANs with WiFi at
the workplace where received mail isn't allowed out of the LAN onto
the internet (or perhaps not allowed out of the LAN unencrypted
onto the internet).  You can surf to Google, but Google can't fetch
your mail from your corporate mail server.

Also, for SPAM filtering purposes (SPF & such), you may not be able
to send mail from your corporate domain unless you send it through
your corporate server with authenticated SMTP (otherwise SPF may
bounce it as a forgery).  I'm not sure you can do that through Yahoo
or Google and in any case it may violate corporate security policy
to give them your SMTP password.

                        Gordon L. Burditt

Re: Why Versamail?

Thanks for the reply.

To be honest, I don't understand all the terminology, but I got the essence
of your answer.

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Re: Why Versamail?

scooby wrote:
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Versamail is useful for when you are outside network range. You can
compose all your e-mails offline and then send them on your way
(hopefully) once within range of a wireless hotspot. Gmail allows you
to use their SMTP server with authentication, but recently I've had
very mixed results.

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