Which apps? BeyondContact? Agendus? KeySuite? DateBk

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I am a bit confused which application I should work with.

I had a Visor Deluxe for some years and used DateBk (I am a registered
user) with satisfaction, even if I was sometime annoyed by the multitude of
tweaks, options and sub-menus/sub-actions. I was especially annoyed with
differences in items content with Outlook (which is my main application on
Desktop). Things you could do with DateBk you couldn't with Outlook and
vice-versa. But DateBk was not only the clear winner at that time, but also
one that could work on my Palm OS 3.3.

Eventually my Visor glass broke and I was without a Palm for a year and a

Yesterday a friend gave me his old but functional Treo 90. I'm back with
PalmOS. :-)

I saw new applications (or newer versions of existing applications) are on
the market. Unfortunatelty, most reviews I found on Internet for these
applications are not only partial but also few years old and do not take
into account recent versions.

I installed KeySuite on my Palm and found the total compatibility with
Outlook (all contact details, multiple categories) very refreshing and
welcomed. But there seems to be little features and options to these
applications, compared to others.

DateBk has a brand new version 6.0, interesting, but still only focusing on
calendar and tasks only. For contacts, it's still the inbuilt limited
PalmOS application.

I saw there is also Beyond Contact and Agendus software around, but did not
tried them yet.

I don't know which one to take. At this time, I favor KeySuite which seems
to be a good choice for an Outlook user like me, but I would welcome
feedback and suggestions for other users at this time.

Which one would you choose and why ?

Re: Which apps? BeyondContact? Agendus? KeySuite? DateBk

Srevne wrote:
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I have used Beyond Contacts by DataViz on my Sony Clie (Palm OS 4.2) for
five years. I don't know about KeySuite or Agendus, but I am happy with
Beyond Contacts since it basically mimics what Outlook does on a handheld.
DataVis tech support has been very responsive on the couple of occasions
when I had questions. My two cents...

Re: Which apps? BeyondContact? Agendus? KeySuite? DateBk

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Thanks for feedback.

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