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Back in the days of the Palm VII Palm hosted web clipping servers
which allowed these little applications called "PQAs" or just web
clipping applicaitions to work. Up until these web clipping servers
went dark, these PQAs were both cute and useful. And easier and faster
to use on a Palm than a browser.

Does anyone know where there are still Palm webclipping servers

Would anyone be willing to host such a server on a windows 2000 box? I
might be able to get a copy of the software...

If so, please contact me at five at menconi dot com.


Re: Web Clipping Server

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 16:20:12 -0800, Dave Menconi wrote:

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    None. They've closed down the service. Sorry about that.

Re: Web Clipping Server

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 There are no official ones, it's all gone. Someone reverse-engineered
the PQA format, and created an extended proxy server that would let you
use the PQA protocol to access the real net, but that project seems to
have died too. Here's where to find it, maybe you can ask the people

 http://www.openmobility.org /


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Re: Web Clipping Server

Try using Skweezer.net instead.

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