Want to connect a E2 to the web via a PC with BT?

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Ok, I just got a E2, and I would like to be able to connect to the web,
using a Bluetooth connection???

Is that possible ?
If so, what do I need to do?



Re: Want to connect a E2 to the web via a PC with BT?

I have a TX and am trying to figure out how to connect to Web also!  I have
a couple of problems, 1) I live "in the woods" so only have DialUp service
and my computer is running Win 2000 Pro.  I cannot find a way of Dial Up
sharing for 2000 otherwise there would be few problems.  There exists a Zoom
modem with a Bluetooth acces point but the instruction manual only refers to
setting up a PPC to access it so I cannot determin if Pa;m OS will work.
There is also the WiFlyer which is a Dial Up modem with a WiFi router that
looks promising but is over $100 so I would like to know if it really can
work with a Palm before I drop that amount of cash, though I suppose I could
sell it on eBay if it didn;t work out, might even make a profile!
Any comment, other than "move into town" or "swith to XP which does allow
Dial UP sharing" will be welcome.

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