wait till empty before recharging?

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Should I wait till I see the warnings before I recharge my m505, or
just recharge whenever it's convenient, even if the battery is only
1/3 empty? Don't li-ion batteries have a finite number of charge
cycles? How about I just charge whenever the cradle is near, already
full or not?

Re: wait till empty before recharging?

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Hi Dan:
Li-ion batteries do have a rated number of complete discharge/recharge
cycles. They have a larger number of parcel charge cycles. Their useful life
is maximized when they are kept fully charged and not let to completely
discharged. Unlike Ni Cads Li-ion like to set on the charger, it does not
hurt them. So keep them charged and they will last longer. Be aware that
Li-ions do have a shelf life and will in time go bad even if you never use
them. Sooner or later you will replace the battery unless you buy a new PDA
first, like I did.

John Passaneau
State College Pa.

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