volksFORTH System Preview for Atari Portfolio Palmtop Computer

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There is an (incompelete, preview) version of a volksFORTH System adapted
for the Atari Portfolio Palmtop.

Implemented so far:

* Atari Portfolio Video BIOS Enhancements
* adapted version of "words"
* adapted Statusline
* Simple Editor (very very simple)


* Atari Portfolio Screen Editor
* adapt more display words "list ..."
* Portfolio AES Support
* Portfolio INT60/INT61 Support words
* Portfolio Timer Support

You need the main volksFORTH MS-DOS Package to use the Atari Portfolio

Download at
http://volksforth.sourceforge.net /

Carsten Strotmann

Re: volksFORTH System Preview for Atari Portfolio Palmtop Computer

Hello, Carsten!

Great effort! Thanks. I tried it, and have a few remarks/suggestions.

- the statusline shows a stack depth 1 to small (i.e. -1 when it's
empty ;-)
- screen space is that precious! Wouldn't it be better to leave the
status line away completely and just provide a word to get all these
status information?
- until you have a screen editor: just provide a word 'llist' or
something, where you give the starting line and then the concerning 8
lines are displayed (should be simple, I think, but I don't have the
necessary insight yet)
- 'makefile count.fb 20 more' should work, correct? I always get 'Disk
voll' from that :-( The same is true with the original 'volks4th' ...:
there are 65536 Bytes free.


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