Visor Prism sound cutting out

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The sound on my Visor Prism is cutting out intermittently.

When I turn it on after it being off for half an hour or more, the feedback
"click" that indicates that the stylus has made contact with the screen
doesn't happen for the first ten seconds or so.  Also, when a scheduled
reminder goes off, the screen lights up but the alarm does not always sound.

I have had my Visor Prism for two years and 4 months.  This problem has
appeared in the last two weeks.  Until now, I have had no problems.

Except for the sound cutting out , the Visor Prism operates and charges
normally.  When the sound works, it sounds normal.

I have installed third-party software, but not within the last twelve

I have the latest operating system installed, v3.5.2H1.5.

I have tried a soft and a hard reset with no effect.

Has anyone any idea if this is a software or hardware problem?  Can it be
fixed, or has the audio just given out?

Thanks for any help.

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