Viewing Chinese characters in old Palm Desktop in Mac OS X 10.5.8?

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My client used to use his old Windows 2000 SP4 Dell PC for his Palm Treo
680 desktop, Hotsync (backups too), and Palm Desktop with English and
Chinese data (characters with CJKOS -- ). He switched to his 3+ years old
MacBook Pro with updated Mac OS X 10.5.8 since Palm finally released
software for it compared to years ago. However, Mac's Palm Desktop does
not show these Chinese characters.

How do we display Chinese characters in this program? Other programs
like Office 2008, Firefox v3.6.24, etc. show and input Chinese
characters just fine. I know my client has to use TwinBridge CJK/Chinese
Partner v6.0 in Windows 2000 SP4 to show them so I assume it is similiar
for Mac OS X. TwinBridge doesn't seem to have a Mac OS X product port. :(

Thank you in advance. :)

P.S. Happy Chinese New Year (year of the dragon) in advance. ;)
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